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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  February 12, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EST

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shocking developments near the university of maryland campus leaving two people dead. new details in a live report from the scene straight ahead. >> north korea makes good on its promise. it conducts a major new nuclear test and overnight, reaction from the white house. fox 5 morning news continues right now. right now. straight up 6:00 right now on this tuesday, february 12th. taking a live look at the u.s. capitol dome. quiet out there right now. but we'll have a little activity, a little bit of wind out there and temperatures starting out here in the 40s
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this morning. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. welcome to fox 5 morning news. >> time now to bring in tucker barnes and talk about our current weather situation which is pretty peaceful. >> our current conditions are just fine. i mean we've got a little bit of a breeze out of west here. cold front came through last night. should be a decent day. 50, 52 maybe for an afternoon high with sunshine. >> i like that. you said sunshine. that is the key. >> it should feel pretty good with the february sun. i don't know if you've noticed it is get i go alittle higher in the sky. i just mentioned that we are adding two minutes and 17 seconds of daylight per day on my new little facebook page. >> you are putting fascinating stuff on there. >> yes, i am. 48 at reagan national. 43 at dulles. 45 at bwi marshall. i'll give my facebook page out for everybody so that -- >> i can't wait. >> i need more lines than both
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of you combined. >> you're already behind me. >> 2 at reagan national. 18 in frederick. 30 this morning in martinsburg. it will be a windy morning and then a breezy afternoon. so the winds will be with us here as high pressure builds in from the west of so be ready for a bit of a breeze later today. there is your satellite-radar, nice and quiet. you can see we've got lots of sunshine across the area to start your day. not yet. the sun is not up yet but it will be in about an hour and 15 minutes. should be a nice quiet day. we have clouds tomorrow and afternoon storminess tomorrow which could bring us some rain and/or snow depending where you are watching from. there you go, about other today, 52 maybe with some sunshine. >> okay. thank you, tucker. >> time now to check in with julie wright to see how the commute going. >> it is kind of busy. we accident activity involving a tractor-trailer, an overturned box truck loaded with produce. we're kind of happening out here. this happens to be where sky fox is westbound 32 on the ramp to go northbound on 29. the truck overturned. it was lootedded with produce. now, they are in the process of trying to get it back up on its
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wheels. the ramp remains closed from westbound 32 to go northbound on 29. no issues to report north or southbound at this time. we also have the crash eastbound i-70 approaching 17 with one lane blocked at this hour. you will find lanes are ore ads we pop up the next camera along southbound 270. no issues reported here coming south of 109. south of 10920 the truck scales and a beef tapping of the brakes in german up two. no issues to report as you head in. -- a brief tapping of the brake in germantown. germantown. north korea is acknowledging it conducted a third nuclear test and this morning the u.s. and south korean military are holding
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emergency meetings. nato is calling on the north to immediately stop these kinds of acts. in a statement issued by the white house. president obama says: the united nations meets in a few hours to discuss the crisis. new this morning, main dies trying to cross georgia avenue. this happened in the aspen hill area last night as the man was walking across the busy street at heathfield road. the victim has been identified as frank sedwick of silver spring. the accident remains under investigation. it is unclear whether any charges will be filed against the 24-year-old driver. in our other top stories this morning, president obama's state of the union address is tonight. he will deliver it at 9:00 and new gun laws are sure to take center teenage. among those in the audience, d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton is inviting the mother of a 16-year-old victim of the shootings on south capital
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street from two years ago. and a republican congress monday from texas is inviting rocker ted new jerseyent who has talked about impeeving the president over his gun control proposals. some republicans have complained that chuck hagel hasn't answered questions about his personal finances but arizona senator john mccain is you remembering them not to filibuster the nomination saying it would set a bad precedent. full senate could vote as early as tomorrow. also breaking a little closer to home now, prince george's joint police say they are now investigating an early morning shooting as a murder- suicide. >> it happened around 1 check on 3th avenue near the university of maryland -- on 36th avenue near the university of maryland campus. melanie alnwick has more. >> reporter: a very sad update that we got just a few minutes ago from prince george's county police. it appears that all three of the young men involved in this
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shooting, murder-suicide incident were university of maryland students. we are told that the shooter for some reason had gone to the basement of the home here on 36th avenue and had set some kind of a small fire. the two roommates upstairs then went down stairs into the basement to see what was going on. they managed to get the shoot are upstairs. they went outside of the home. at that point, police say the shooter began firing. he killed one of his roommates, shot the other in the arm and the leg as he tried to run away. the shooter then went to the back of the home and shot himself and took his own life. police again say that they are interviewing witnesses. they are canvassing the neighborhood. they have not given us any information at this point in term of the ages of these three men. they did i say they were all
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roommates. but we don't know whether they are graduate students or undergraduate students. they are also aware that university of maryland did put out a lookout about a honda odyssey with suspects in it. prince george's county police spokesperson julie parker telling us that there are no other suspects in this case. they are not looking for any sort of a minivan. they are asking anyone who has any more information to please contact them. they are trying to put a little bit more of the pieces together here. so three people involved here. three roommates from the university of maryland involved in a murder-suicide. one roommate dead. one roommate recovering from a gunshot wound and the shooter himself as well dead. back to you guys. >> thank you. a new threat from al-qaeda this morning with an apparent bull's eye on a u.s. consulate overseas. we'll are details next. >> plus, a day after the pope
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announced he is stepping down, the focus now shifts to finding his replacement. we'll take a closer look coming up. this is dylan right here, this is dylan, and this is his big brother hayden. dylan's only five, but he's already been through two surgeries for brain tumors.
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in thailand, police are increasing security at an american consulate after reports of a possible attack from al-qaeda. the u.s. is taking part in military exercises with several south asian countries. the beefed-up security will run until they are over on sunday. in chicago, two suspected gang members are behind bars this morning accused of killing and honor student. police say they mistook hadiya pendleton and her friends for rival gang members who had shot one ever them over the summer. pendleton was gunned down a week after performing at president obama's inauguration last month. the two men arrested for her murder were picked up by police just hours after her funeral on saturday. as the manhunt expands for an exlos angeles police officer, crister in donner is now charged with murder.
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agents raided a hotel in tea juan arc mexico on monday but found no signs of dorner. the search also continues in southern california in a southern california ski resort town where his burn-out truck was found last week. authorities spent monday it canning hundreds of cabins in the big bear area. still ahead, a closer look at where the next hope might come from. >> a big day ahead for mardi gras celebrations in new orleans but mother nature might have other plans. we'll be right back. ♪
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let's go down to new orleans for a little bit. mardi gras and what better way to celebrate than on bourbon street in new orleans. live look at fat tuesdayic kicking off with the parades at 8:00 a.m. a good chance of rain down there. that isn't stopping those revelers. you can see the people are always out down there.
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>> early in the morning. this is what they do. >> not sure they're even going to notice the rain. >> probably not. it might wash away some sins down there. >> i doubt it. there ain't that much rain. a lot going on down there. >> i want to go sometime for mardi gras. >> no, you don't. >> you've never been? >> no, no. >> you've been before, right. >> no, but i've seen the picture. >> i've gone to mardi gras before. >> have you? >> one time is enough. >> how many beads did you come back with? >> i came back with a lot. that was when i was in college in my younger days actually lot of beads. >> i don't want to know what you did for them. let's do some temperatures. reagan national is in the 40s. a comfortable start to your day. it is not terribly cold although it is windy out. even though the temperatures are fairly comfortable, don't be fooled. make sure the kids are wearing a jacket because the wind are out of the west gusting to about 30. it is chillier than the actual temperatures. 48 in washington. with these temperatures falling
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big time here in the past hour or he so, down to 40 in quantico. 37 in leonardtown. machine as as, you are changing as we speak. i can't keep up with you. 36 for you. 43 in frederick and in gaithersburg. so again, temperatures cooling off. it should be a decent day for us. high temperatures expected to be in the low to mid-50s. plenty of sunshine. very quiet tuesday although we are dealing with these winds and your winds out of west at 28. why? a front came through during the overnight hours. two things picking up the winds, drying out atmosphere. it will be less humid than yesterday. winds 4 in hagerstown. plenty of sunshine to start your day. a few clouds here to the north. a few to the south. predominantly sunshine for us today. a quiet afternoon as high pressure builds in here. we are expecting a quiet 24 hours or so. but things will be changing. with have a storm develop down in northern texas today. very heavy rain from atlanta down to new orleans the past several days.
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we'll watch a little storm pop up along that front later tonight and during the day tomorrow. that could bring us a round of winter weather tomorrow afternoon. here we are at 6:00. notice we've got clear skies. we are doing just fine. overnight tonit, we cloud up. morning commute just fine. by tomorrow afternoon, we'll start to see that rain and/or snow develop depending on where you're watching this morning. and there could be some accumulating snow. i think the best chance of that will be north and west of washington later tomorrow afternoon. by tomorrow night at 8:00, futurecast, trying to give much. area some light snow as the whole storm wipes up -- wind up. it is possible we could have asome accumulations across the area. not sure much will stick but at least the possibility we'll see snowflakes flying tomorrow afternoon. breezy conditions, winds out of the west at 10 to 15. 33 tonight, becoming cloudy and chilly euro night. there is your accu-weather seven-day forecast. i mentioned the storminess tomorrow. thursday and friday look good.
6:19 am
still some question marks. not sure exactly where the storm will set up. it may or may not impact the area here this weekend. it will be cold with highs only in the 30s. let's do some traffic and find out about what is going on with julie wright. you have abeen to mardi gras, right? >> no, i haven't. >> we've got to go. i don't want to go with you though. you'd be trouble. >> you know why they party? because it is not snowing down there. westbound 32, this crash involving the overturned produce truck still there on the ramp to lead to you northbound 29. the ramp remains closed as you work with our way westbound along 32. northbound on 29, your lanes are open eastbound on i-70. let's continue now with the maps. we'll show what you else is happening out here on the roads this were monthing. westbound on 50, that a little minor fender bender. a little bit of a slow downhere out of bowie headed inbound towards the capital beltway. speaking of cameras, let's pull them out. you will find your lanes are open as you travel to and from the wilson bridge with no
6:20 am
issues reported. you are will find your lanes are open for those traveling southbound on 270. heavy volume approaching and passing 109. no issues reported eastbound on 66. delays continuing inbound through manassas. traffic slows again from fair oaks to 123. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. e traffic. pope benedict xvi makes a blockbuster decision and now the search is on to find the next leader of the catholic church. >> the stunning announcement that the pope is resigning shocked catholics around the world but there had been recent concerns about the pope's health and he has needed help walking. now, the college of cardinals will hold something called a conclave to elect benedict's replacement. >> for somebody who is going to preserve the core teachings of search. >> i just always admired him as a scholar, as a priest, as a
6:21 am
holy man. now, my admiration as even higher because of his humility. >> the vatican hopes it can be by holy week. many wonder if the time has come for the first non-europe other than leader. a new way to gamble in atlantic city. we'll go live to fox business network in knick for the details. the nationals racing presidents are hitting the road heading to other place where you can ebig-he hadhood presidents. all five mascots leave d.c. this friday to arrive at the sed -- at the south dakota landmark by monday for president's day. you can win a private mascot appearance. to find out how, log onto our web white, and search under morning news. a private mascot appearance.  [ anouncer ] ihop is in time square to compare
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welcome back to fox 5 morning news annual get a check
6:25 am
of the markets and also what could be the future of gambling from your hotel room. lauren simonetti with fox business network is live in new york with this morning's business beat. happy tuesday to you. >> good morning. >> let's start off talking about the markets. juror hay case of mondays for sure yesterday. investors searching for a catalyst to buy or sell the market. at the closing bell, they hasn't found any. stocks basically completely flat. dow down 22 points. we might not get a catalyst until wednesday morning with retail sales. >> all right. now, we are talking about the future of game belling and there is a spot in new jersey where they will let you actually -- they are making it easier to you to gamble by letting you gamble from your hotel room? >> the power of technology, yes. the borgata casino hotel in atlantic city says it is the first hotel to let its customers gamble from their
6:26 am
hotel room using the tv. they can play four kinds of video poker and they can also play the slot machines. they can gamble up to $500 a day. this could be the waste of the future. can gamble in the casino or in your hotel room. tons of ways to lose money. >> as you just said, ways to give your money away without even leaving your hotel room. there you go. >> yep. you can lose your shirt in your bath robe. >> the house never loses. even from your hotel room. good to see you. >> you too. an early morning shooting turns deadly in college park. we are live on the scene. >> plus, a prevowf of the president's taste of the union address and the special guests that will be on hand to drive his message home. >> the wizards are on fire! dave ross will join me for the morning line. make it stop! make it stop!
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heavy rain today down south is only expected to make clean- up from sunday's severe storm even more difficult. the powerful twister that tore through hattiesburg, mississippi left a wide path of destruction. >> and in the northeast, a warning about roofs collapsing from the weight of snow and ice along with recent rainfall. in connecticut, the governor said the number of reported roof chances across the state had grown to at least 16 by last night. i remember that too a couple of years ago. we had the same issue. >> lines were being pulled down with all the snow. >> not a lot of fun. >> so far this morning, we've been fairly quiet. it looks like the quiet pattern continues for today at least. tomorrow, we could be dealing with an afternoon storm which could bring us rain and/or snow depending on where you're watching. let's look at our temperatures. not bad. 48 at reagan national. 43 this morning out at dulles.
6:31 am
bwi marshall, 45 degrees. looking at winds, i want to mention our winds because they've been gusting up to about 30 early this were nothing. it will be a breezy morning. we had a cold front come through last night. we are still dealing with the breezes. should generally be sunny. not going to be perfectly sunny but mostly sunny today and a nice quiet weather pattern. high pressure builds in. that will keep thins quiet today. we will cloud up and tomorrow, we'll be talking about the possible storminess moving in. i'll have more on that in a couple of minutes. breezy conditions, 51 in leonardtown. mid- to upper 40s north and west and again, these temperatures generally a few degrees above normal. hagerstown, 44 later today. come up in a few minutes, ask tony and tucker. we'll talk about the -- there has been a new tradition this winter that a competitor has been naming winter storms.
6:32 am
we'll talk about that. >> yeah. did they name the snowmageddon. >> i heard about this. >> yes, i'll be interested to hear about that. >> travel ago long southbound 29, this is where we fine the crew in sky fox coming south out of howard county trying to make your exit. lanes are open. no issues to report right now headed out towards 495. you will find the beltway starting to slow as you travel west of college park headed through silver spring. let's go live now to our cameras. we'll show you what else is happening out here highway. eastbound nix, delays leaving fair oaks to 123. traffic backed up in manassas headed eastbound towards centreville. a slow ride northbound on 395 leaving duke street to seminary road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. e traffic. south we have breaking news right now. police remain on the scene after murder-suicide that happened near the university of maryland campus. >> police say two students are
6:33 am
dead and another injured following an early morning shooting. melanie alnwick is live at the scene with the latest. >> reporter: they are starting to sort of pick up the pieces here. we've seen a number of the police investigators bring their cars and equipment out of here. we also saw one of the students' cars towed away not too long ago. we think things as far as the investigation angle goes will be wrapped up here a little later this morning. here is how prince george's county police told us all of this happened. it was around 1:00 in the morning. there were three university of students who all live in this house in this 3700 block of 36th avenue. they say one of the students, the shooter, was actually down in the basement of the home and had set some kind of a small fire. two of the roommates upstairs went downstairs to investigate
6:34 am
fen the three men then came upstairs from the basement and went to the front. house outside of house and that is when the young man would set the fire pulled out a gun and began shooting. he killed one. his roommates and then as the other one was trying to run away shot that one as well. that roommate has a nonlife- threatening gunshot wound and is being treated we are told the suspect went to the back of house and shot himself. police are still being very careful with the information here. they have not released any names. we do not know whether these students are undergraduates or graduate students. we don't know their exact ages. they are all male students. prince george's county police are working to try to figure out what happened and why. >> detectives are interviewing witnesses. they are canvassing the neighborhood talking to anyone
6:35 am
would may have seen or heard anything this morning. >> reporter: so there were also reports this morning that went out from university of maryland alerts that basically said that there was a suspect vehicle that they were looking out if some people in a tan honda odyssey. university of maryland put that out. however, prince george's county police told us that they are not looking for any other suspects. they are not looking for any suspect vehicle. but they are looking for a little bit more information trying to understand why all this happened, what the connections might have been and so we do expect to get one more briefing later on this morning morning from prince george's county police. still a very sad situation here in college park. back to you guys. >> absolutely. thank you. also in prince george's county, police continue to investigate the murder of an elderly capital heights woman. 71-year-old gerdine mcentire
6:36 am
was found dead inside her chapel oak drive home saturday. neighbors remain on edge there but say they plan to honor her with a candlelight vigil this week. in silver spring, a 14-year- old boy is behind bars this morning charged with killing his baby sister. police say the teen admitted to beating and suffocating the 7- month-old girl last week while his mom was working an overnight shift. he is being charged as an adult. all, we continue to follow a developing crisis in asia this morning. north korea is admitting it carried out a nuclear test. the white house is calling the test, quote, highly provocative. president obama says north korea's nuke hare program is a threat to world security. china is also expressing firm opposition to this this morning. later at the u.n. in new york, the security council is meeting to discuss the nuclear test. we are just over 14 hours away now from president obama's first state of the union address of his second term.
6:37 am
the economy is expected to be the central focus. >> we will hear in the president's state of the union an outline from him to his plan to crow ate jobs and grow the middle class. >> gun control reform will also be addressed. first lady michelle obama will sit with the parents ever hadiya pendleton. the chicago teen was shot and killed just days after performing in the inaugural parade. d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton has invited the mother of a 16-year-old who was killed in the south capital street shooting in 2010. stay with fox 5 and for complete coverage as well of tonight's state of the union address. it begin at 9:00 p.m. followed by the republican response and then the fox 5 news at 10:00. at 10:00. time now for the morning line and dave ross. >> thank you sing to that music like you did in the break?
6:38 am
>> i'm in the a singer. >> you were singing about the wizards being on fire. >> that was a one-time thing. >> no more singing. >> no more on fire. >> the wizards are on fire. they went on the road last night and got a big win in milwaukee and look, it is milwaukee, whatever you want to say. they've only won now four times on the road all year. pretty impressive. but they have also now won four in a row. what you will see in these high heights is no john wall highlights. >> did you exclude john wall? >> we did. he still had h. a nice ball became, 14 points. badly beal hay career high 2. it is not just always about one guy. one guy like bradley beal sticks up and ay surprise here with the steal and it looks like a team. >> yeah. >> you win on the road 102-09. and four straight, one.
6:39 am
hottest teams right now in the eastern conference. as wisdom would say, the wizards or fire! how about the hoyas. georgetown at the verizon center. >> i like marquel. >> he doesn't shoot enough no me. he will take a shot here. >> this is what i do. i float it right off the glass. >> you are the guy on defense? >> no, no. and then more porter. take the body, take the bang and get the buck the and the foul. hoyas win by eight. they improve to 8-3 in the big east tied with marquette, just a half game behind syracuse, the top dog in the big east. >> we ain't worried about syracuse. they usually choke. >> syracuse coming here in a couple of week to take on
6:40 am
georgetown. that will a ball game that i will attend. now, the eagles made a little news yesterday. >> they saved some money. the redskins had to take note of t. >> do you think michael vick was going back to philadelphia no. >> i didn't. i thought it was a foregone conclusion that he was out there. >> they got a new head coach now, chip kelly from oregon. he runs this kind of pistol crazy offense. they will keep michael vick right there in the city of brotherly shove for one more year at least. >> when he saw nick foals play last year, he said i'll take my chance with michael vick. >> london fletcher, tweeted this he says congrats, love competing against you bro. but the nfc east is ours though. hash tag httr. hail to the redskins. that gets a clap from tony perkins. you like it? >> yeah. >> you don't like the trash
6:41 am
talk. >> the season just ended. >> i love it. >> trash talk on, fletch. >> do what you do. >> they are the nfc champs. he is just letting vick know you are marking your territory. this is ours. >> against bottom feeders. >> i don't care about your one- year contract. >> philadelphia is irrelevant. >> i like the fact that they're talking trash in february. that is it for the morning line. >> i'm done for the day. i'm not talking new more trash. i'm good. >> you always talk trash. coming up, how the district is hon you aring on the nation's 16th president on his birthday and a trip to the caribbean didn't quite go as planned for thousands of cruise ship passengers. where the stranded ship is headed next.  [ anouncer ] ihop is in time square to compare
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the super bowl of dog shows comes to a chose tonight with the most prestigious award of all, best in show. a doberman named fi fi. and fox terrier named sky are among the first to walk off with the westminster kennel club's top prize. there were over 2700 entries this year. a slow tow back to land for thousands of cruise ship passengers. the carnival triumph became stranded in the gulf of mexico after a foyer in the engine room early sunday. it was in the mid all of a five- day cruise to the caribbean. the plan is for it to arrive in mobile, alabama thursday. but for the people stuck at sea, conditions on the ship are far from ideal. >> she was crying and said they had no power. they have no running water. they have no way to use the bathroom. >> now, most of the passengers are camping out on the top deck. other carnival cruise liners have met with the stranded vessel bringing food and other
6:46 am
supplies. the company has canceled the ship's next two voyages. you think? >> starting with the next two. you may want to put that ship out of commission. pull that over to the side and leave it there. >> i wonder if you get a bit of a refund. >> i think we read earlier they are give i go some refound and vouchers to another cruise if you would like. >> it says another ship coming up and delivering food. why doesn't another carnival ship come up and take the people off the boat. >> that is true. >> maybe it is more complicated. >> it must be. i would be jumping onto that food boat like get me out of here. take me. >> it would be tough. let's do some local weather. sunny, highs in the low others later today. a nice quiet day. we are starting the day not terribly cold. we have cooled off in the past hour or two as the front came through during the overnight hours. it is breezy out there this morning. it will be a cool day. make sure the kids are properly attired as they head out to the
6:47 am
bus stop but it won't be a terribly cold day. cooling off to 36 out in manassas. 37 in leonardtown. mid-40s in baltimore. 45degrees, we are hanging out in the mountains in the hospital as well. 41 in winchester. wind advisory, west of cumberland, western maryland, parts of west virginia until 10:00 this morning. so the wind should be with us here for the next couple of hours. here is your satellite-radar. clearing out overnight, drying out overnight too. you will notice the air a lot drier today. a nice quiet weather pattern. high pressure will keep us nice and dry later this afternoon. i've got the bigger picture opened up for you. i want to point out this event here. rain and snow you see breaking out into northern texas and oklahoma. that will get pulled up along the southern jet stream and develop a little storm system that will pass just to our south during the day tomorrow. typically, this would be i weather pattern that would be conducive to winter weather across the washington area. we are talking tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. we don't have a lot of cold air off to our north to access but
6:48 am
we are thinking it will be just enough cold air available that parts of area will transition to from rain to snow. this forecast, we still have to fine tune exactly where the rain-snow line will set up but it is looking more and more likely that parts of area will get more during the afternoon and eke tomorrow. low pressure developing tomorrow during the day. i think tomorrow morning's commute will be fine. it will be tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening we'll get rain and/or snow moving in with that area of low pressure. this could be some accumulating snow north and west of the city. 51 here. 33 tonight, becoming cloudy and chilly overnight. we are not terribly cold tomorrow and that is why we think that parts of the area or much of the area will be dealing with just rain during the day. and then again, could transition over to snow at night. high temperature, 43 and we bounce around a little bit. thursday, friday, look good. this weekend looks good. we could do another coastal storm this weekend.
6:49 am
still a lot of question marks. may or may not happen. we'll have to -- you have to tune back in tomorrow. >> okay. >> i mean i could try to explain it but it would take more time than i have. >> all right. tony perkins, good morning to you. >> hello, everybody. guess what it is time for? time for ask tony and tucker. today's question, we had to detiedside whether or not we are going to address this. we are deciding we will. the question comes from joan in riverdale, maryland. joan writes as far as i can remember, hurricanes have had names. when did they start naming winter storms? >> great question. >> a good question. >> some of you may have noticed particularly with this last big storm that got so much attention, storm in the northeast that you may have
6:50 am
been hearing here and there, this is winter storm nemo. >> really? >> the national weather service does not name winter storms. the weather channel decided last year that they would take it upon themselves gems to start naming winter storms. so the weather channel named names winter storms. the weather service does not. no official government organization does. most media outlets are not going with this at this point. however, because the weather channel is owned by -- is it owned by nbc. >> nbc universal. >> yeah, nbc universal. i did notice with the last storm at least, nbc also used the name which is adding to more confusion. an>> the rest of us aren't usin it because it is not an official name gentleman a lot of debate about this. >> in the weather community,
6:51 am
let's go back to the origins of the naming of hurricanes back in the 1940s and early 1950s. weather service decided to start naming storm to eaterlet public. i think the most important thing for all meteorologists is we are alerting the public about dangers of tornadoes and severe thunderstorms. we all feel a responsibility and duty to do that. and with that, we all try to work together at some levels and i feel like the weather service is sort of -- the weather channel has sort of gone renegade with this whole naming of storms. they've tried to take ownership of all of our weather and it leads to more confusion than i think anything else because most of us don't name storms. and their cite anterior i can't for naming storms isn't clear way tropical storm, it is very leer what it is. winter storms take many shapes and sizes, they ebb and flow and get stronger and weaker.
6:52 am
i think you get a syndrome going where you get the little boy that cried wolf. most of the names, nobody remembers or could tell you about. so it just make things more confusing. logically, what are we going to do next, start sponsoring air masses? your hostess high pressure system. >> you mentioned sponsoring. one of the -- let me say this. in the weather community, lots of talk about this. lots of debate become and forth. lots of criticism of the weather channel. the weather channel says hey, wear just trying to make it easier to the public to follow a particular storm to know a particular storm. well, the weather channel is also a commercial entity, not like the national weather service which is really there to provide forecasts for everybody, give information and protect the public when there is a critical situation or a major storm system. so there are a lot of questions about it. a lot of people in the weather community are upset that the weather channel just kind of
6:53 am
decided we're going to do this and almost assuming that everyone would follow their lead which many people are not. there are competitors. there are -- the government fillly has no position on -- they are taking no position on t they say we do not name winter storms. we have no opinion about private weather enterprise products and services. we do rate major winter storms after the fact. american meteorologist kal society also critical of it for a variety of ropes. a big debate. officially, winter storms are not named. the weather channel has decided they will name them. >> okay. >> thank you for clearing that up, guys. >> if you have a question you want answered, go to and click on the weather tab. this just in. julie wright says she is going to start naming traffic accidents. >> she has named her office the pink palace. >> we should name nice, warm sunny days joomplets maybe we
6:54 am
can get -- maybe we can get a sponsor for that. >> banana boat. >> see, that is the problem. >> why that is a problem? >> you start getting into all of that. >> nutty buddy days. this could work, tony. this could work. >> southbound 270, this is where we fine the crew in sky fox. it is busy but the lanes are open headed southbound. overall, 270 below speed approaching and passing 109 through germantown and leaving shady grove road through the split. 395 below speed duke street to seminary road. there is also a delay eastbound on 66 heaving manassas an again from fair oaks to 123. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. two special ceremonies in d.c. today will mark the 204th birthday of president abraham lincoln. there will be a wreath laying
6:55 am
at 8:45 this morning at fore's theater where lincoln was assassinated in 1865. at noon, there will be a ceremony at the lincoln memorial. the event has occurred every year since 1922. utah last big hurrah before the beginning of lent. >> holly morris is learning all about the traditions of mardi gras. we'll check in with her after the break. 
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:58 am
good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. happy fat tuesday. if you are watching this on your tv at home, you are not in new orleans but doesn't mean you don't have to celebrate mardi gras. we are live at the bayou bakery learning about all things mardi gras from none other than david goth. chef and owner but the one behind my cafe ole right now. we are going to talk about all the different
6:59 am
customs. move over mardi gras, there is bayou gras going on. let's just say let the good times roll. >> that does it for the 6:00 hour. >> let's send it over to allison and tony. >> good morning to both of you. coming up now on fox 5 morning news. a triple shooting. >> two roommates are dead, a third is hospitalized after a bizarre attack. we have a live report. >> plus, the state of the economy and gun control. we're going to see who is in the crowd will play into the president's message at tonight's state of the union address. >> and later, a special guest at one sweet 16 how robert griffin iii ended up at a birthday pool party. fox 5 morning news starts right now. >> this isfo


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